Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Blog Freebie

Okay so its really hard to believe I did it again - - -it's been a whole month since I posted anything. Jeez - -this time I have a good excuse - - -lost my Wi-Fi and haven't been able to log on much at all - - but I will remedy that in the next week or 2 and should be a little better - - -I need to update this blog with all the stores I am in, and get you some links to other freebies. Speaking of freebies here is the preview of this months Cottage Blog Party. I know its not much, but I like it and I make work on doing a full kit to match.

So I happened upon a blog one day and it surprised me to see it written, but it is reality - - the person said they hated it when people demanded thank you's for giving freebies. I apologize if i seem demanding, and I won't demand a thank you - -it is just a courtesy and it does make ya feel like someone actually appreciates the things ya do. So if you like the freebies and wish to encourage a few more - -please just leave a little love when ya download.