Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update and a New Kit -- June Bride

Wow - -Talk about neglected!! I can't believe that I have not hit this site since March. Well there has been alot of changes taking place all over the scrapping world and I too was affected. Two of my stores closed, and I had to apply to a few others - - unfortunately one of those stores really made me doubt myself as a designer. I even debated whether or not to bother designing anymore. But something inside me finally came out above and I am determined to survive as a designer. So I have been working on some new kits and have decided to try to revamp some of the older ones at a later date just to bring them up to par with the new kits. I have gotten into 2 more stores, so I am up to a total of four and have decided that is all I am going to do. I cut my CT stuff down so I can dedicate more time to designing and yes believe it or not try to get ya'll some freebie stuff and yes keep both blogs up to date. I have signed up for a July blog train already I think you all will like and I will post later on that info. For right now i need to let ya know about one of my stores - -- it is having a "re-grand opening"-so here is the ad

Now here is the newest kits to hit all of my stores -- it is perfect for wedding and prom pics

You can get ahold of it on sale during the grand opening, so come on over and check it out. Just click on the Ad to link.